Craig Street Brewing Co.

From Craig Street Brew Pub’s Website:

Welcome to the Craig Street Brew Pub!

We are a locally owned and operated business and we offer fresh hand-crafted brews, local house-made food and top-notch customer service.

  • We love the environment!
  • We recycle all paper, tin, glass and plastics.
  • We use biodegradable garbage bags.
  • We compost daily.
  • We have reduced our waste by 75,000 kg so far.
  • Our fryer oil is recycled into Biodiesel.
  • We offer a complimentary shuttle on weekends.
  • We offer a variety of celiac-friendly food!
  • Our mash from each brew feeds the local pigs!
  • We sponsor tons of community organizations.
  • We use energy efficient products.
  • We use biodegradable cleaners.
  • We buy from local businesses.
  • We buy with environmental consciousness.

Oh, and one last thing, I’m not sure if you know Liz or not, but we go through an average of 29 HUGS per day!

So please, come in and take a look around, in person or use our 360 virtual tour.


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