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There once was a brewer named Matt,
Whose passion for beer was unmatched,
He dreamed of a day,
He’d make beers his own way,
And the plan for a brewery was hatched.

He drew up his organization,
But none of the banks in the nation,
Would lend him the cash,
To start his first mash,
So he grabbed credit card applications.

And so it was in 2001,
With his credit line under the gun,
In a town by the sea,
Called Esquimalt B.C.,
:He opened his beer factory.

Now there were no windows for light,
And to brew he rolled his bed up real tight,
Cause there wasn’t much space,
In that dark little place,
But his :first beers were sure big on taste!

Then one day in 2003,
Matt made a grand discovery,
A forgotten stash,
A stubby bottle cache,
And the : Phoenix Lager rose out of the ash.

Phillips was a small sensation,
So Matt added to his staffing equation,
He hired two guys,
With adventure in their eyes,
Mr. Bell and Mr. Bell—no relation.

By now it was 2004,
And one night as Matt opened his door,
Beer spilled all around,
And his dreams almost drowned,
As the Phoenix Flood soaked through the floor.

The landlord was sure not impressed,
By the size of the sticky beer-mess,
They were given the boot,
But remained resolute,
That Phillips beer would continue to brew!

So they moved to a :place down the street,
And a :blue truck made deliveries,
In ’05 it retired,
But the boys were inspired,
And the Blue Truck Pale Ale was released.

As excitement continued to swell,
The styles of their beers did as well,
Creativity boomed,
As seasonal brews,
Continued to fly off the shelves.

When 2008 rolled around,
Those beer-loving Phillips folks found,
They were too short on space,
To keep up with the pace,
So they decided to move their home-base.

Victoria was the perfect place,
And the team found an :ideal space,
It had enough room,
For all the beer they could brew,
Plus a :room where the customers taste!

Over 10 years of beer have elapsed,
The Blue Truck Pale Ale’s been :recast,
There’ve been :alien sightings,
A little in-fighting,
And a :3000mL hop blast!

But this story is still far from finished,
Cause Phillips’ passion will never diminish,
For crafting great brews,
With creative flair too,
That’s a promise they’ll never relinquish.

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