Release of Waiver and Liability

Assumption of Risk: By registering & participating in a West Coast Brewery Tour, you understand and agree that West Coast Brewery Tours LLC (WCBT) is acting solely as an agent in arranging tours, transportation, venues and other services and assumes no liability for accidents, delays, injuries, loss or damage due to any act or default by you, WCBT, or any brewery, brewpub, restaurant or venue that the tour visits. You acknowledge that your participation in the tour provided by WCBT is voluntary and at your own risk. You understand that you assume full responsibility for any loss, personal injury, including death that you may sustain including loss or damage of any property owned by you, as a result of particapation in the tour. You agree to waive all claims of liability against WCBT, it’s legal owners, employees and associated partners. This includes all breweries, brewpubs, restaurants, charter boats and other venues visited on the tour and their respective owners and employees. A full release and waiver of liability document will be provided to all registered tour participants for signing on the day of the tour.

​Consumption of Alcohol: You acknowledge that the tour may involve the voluntary consumption of alcohol. You represent and warrant that you are of legal drinking age (19 years or older). You fully understand that there may be consumption of alcohol during the tour at breweries, brewpubs, restaurants and other venues visited along the tour by other tour participants and their patrons/guests including yourself if you voluntarily choose to do so. You understand that the consumption of alcohol can be hazardous to your health and may cause risk of injury, accidents or even death. ​You understand that WCBT or any brewery associated with your tour does not require you to consume alcohol to participate in the tour.


Right of Refusal

West Coast Brewery Tours has the right to refuse service to any tour participant that appears to be intoxicated, or acts inappropriately or aggressively to other tour members, brewery staff, patrons of the brewery and West Coast Brewery Tours staff. This applies to behaviour witnessed at any point on tour. No refunds will be provided in these situations.


Privacy Policy

By registering & participating in the tour, you agree to grant WCBT a royalty-free licence to use your photographic, video or digital likeness, solely for the purpose of promotional, marketing and commercial use. WCBT agrees to portray your image or likeness in a respectful manner.